April 5th, 2011

Ruth Law Delivers The Goods

April 4, 1919 Ruth Law flew the first airmail to the Philippines. Law had purchased her first plane from Orville Wright in 1912 and operated the Ruth Law Air Show. When WWI broke out she was the first woman authorized to wear an American military uniform. Law made a personal appeal to President Woodrow Wilson asking him to allow women to fly in the Signal Corps but she was refused. She said "Women have qualities which make them good aviators, too. They are courageous, self-possessed, clear-visioned, quick to decide in an emergency, and usually they make wise decisions."

Elinor Smith Soars In A Waco

April 5, 2008 The Waco Air Museum in Dayton, Ohio opened a "Women of Waco" exhibit, honoring women who flew Waco airplanes. Among those saluted was Elinor Smith who flew her father's Waco 10 under New York's four East River bridges. Smith set a number of altitude records in the plane while she was a teenager and went on to become a test pilot and celebrated aviation spokesperson.